Sunlec International will give you service, service and more service!

Sunlec International is a Quality Endorsed Company and has provided a high level of quality customer service in Australia and internationally for over 25 years. These values are the very heart of Sunlec that clearly state the level of service customers can expect.

The Sunlec Difference

  • We Deal Direct, We Deliver Next Day, We Pay The Freight
  • Maximum stocks ready for immediate delivery
  • ISO 9000 Quality Endorsed
  • Freecall Telephone & Fax

Why choose Grafoplast® TRASP® for Cable And Wire Marking?

The Grafoplast® Difference

Grafoplast® is a total system for marking all cables, wires, terminal blocks, contactors, relays and switches.

  • The Grafoplast® TRASP® System will save you up to 60% in labour application time.
  • Grafoplast® is internationally recognised as the Best Wiremarking System in the world.
  • Grafoplast Wire Markers don’t smear, smudge or unwrap due to their exclusive dual recess sleeve design.
  • Mark it all, with the Grafoplast® TRASP® System and the 100% TRASP® Compatible Sunlec Grafoprint Portable Printer or the EVO Thermal Printer