There are a number of ways you can access support for your EVOMAX printer.

Download the Simplo software

Download the latest version of the Simplo software for your EVOMAX thermal printer.

Simplo X Software MD – 1 2022

Simplo Activation

If you need to activate your copy of the Simplo software.

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You’ll find the serial number on the back of your EVOMAX printer.
The software activation code will appear on your screen the first time you open the Simplo software.
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Technical Support

Need help with your printer? Let’s book in some time.

Video Instructions

01 – EVO-Installing the Ribbon and cleaning tape
02 – EVO-Loading Stack Feeder and Using the NP1 Plate
03 – EVO-Entering tags into the Simplo software
04 – EVO-Printing using the Automatic Stack Feeder
05 – EVO-Centering SI2K02 Series Wire Markers
06 – EVO-Removing the Stack Feeder and Plate
10 – EVO- Cleaning the Cleaning roller
07 – EVO-Printing with Single Feed Items PVC/MMA TAGS
08 – EVO-Printing Terminal tags SI2K0017 Single feed plate
09 – EVO-Loading the SimploX Software

Remote Support

We provide remote support for situations where we may need to assist in resolving an issue.

Please enter the six-digit code that you were given by our team member in the box to the right.

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