Discover Grafoplast’s metal detectable product range for the food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Printed on the EVOMAX thermal printer, these products are designed to satisfy international regulations and comply with the HACCP System. 

The detection of foreign bodies during production and packaging phases is essential in environments where cleaning, hygiene and safety are essential requirements. 

Our range of metal detectable marking products utilise a corrosion resistant, metal filler inserted into the tags, allowing them to be reliably identified by metal detectors. The blue colour of the material is designed to facilitate visual inspection by operator and/or by camera. 

The raw material comprising Grafoplast’s metal detectable product range is compliant with EU 10/2011 Reg. 

Price On Request SI2K030UMD
Price On Request SI2K02U/18MD

Looking For Cable Ties?

Blue metal detectable nylon cable ties made of Polyamide 6.6 nylon with an iron oxide additive for identification by metal detectors or X-ray inspection equipment.

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