• You will require full local administration rights to load this software.
  • You may be required to temporarily disable firewall during installation

  1. Download the Latest Simplo X software by click the Icon 
  2. Once download is complete, unzip/extract the Zip folder.
  3. Install the Simplo X software by opening the software folder and running the  file and follow prompts.
  4. After installation is complete you will be required to activate the software.
  5. To activate your software, please contact your nearest Grafoplast Distributor to obtain your activation code, details below:

Australia & New Zealand:          Sunlec International Pty Ltd (+61 08 9434 1933)

North America & Canada:         Grafoplast Wiremarkers Inc (+1 303 321 5995)

Please have the Code and printer serial number ready and be in front of your computer to receive your activation details.  You can find the serial number on the silver strip on the back of the Printer.

  1. Update the software database file by opening the ART-DB-V7 folder and follow the instructions included in the download file (SIM017) “How to Copy an Art.dbo Patch onto the Simplo X Software”
  2. Complete the printer driver installation by opening the “Driver” folder and follow the instruction included in the download file (INS005) “Installation of P-printer Driver and Devices”
  3. Refer to EVOMAXB User Guide for printer and software operation information.